Monday, February 25, 2008

The Facts

As of February 13, 2008:

American Deaths in Iraq: 3,960 (
American Wounded in Iraq: 29,092 (
Iraqi Dead since 2003: 81,064 – 88,511 (
Cost of War: $494,061,000,000+ (

The amount of people dead is almost four times the population of my hometown.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Where’s Maupin?

For the past two years I’ve been carrying in my messenger bag an article I printed from (November 4, 2005) entitled “Missing Iraq Soldier’s Mom Demands Answers.” It’s about the only soldier the Army had, at that time, listed as captured in Iraq, and his mother’s pleas for answers about his disappearance. He’s Army Reserve Sgt. Keith “Matt” Maupin of Batavia, Ohio, and he’s been missing since April 9, 2004.

I’ve searched for updates to his story and I seem to hit a wall. Where is he? What’s happened to him?

What we do know is that insurgents west of Baghdad ambushed his fuel truck convoy. A week later a videotape was released on Arab television network showing Maupin surrounded by masked gunmen, all holding automatic rifles.

A few months later another videotape was released on Arab television network showing a US soldier being shot. The video was dark and grainy and never showed the soldier’s face. It was purported to be Maupin but an Army spokesman declared the video “totally inconclusive.”

In April it will be four years since Maupin’s disappearance and I haven’t been able to find any information on his whereabouts.

The media seems to have forgotten about him. How tragic.

Maupin deserves more than being a war statistic. He needs to be found, and we need to keep asking questions until the Army and Administration give us answers.

I will continue to carry that article with me until I find out what really happened to him.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Quickie Update

My life has been whirlwind as of late with lots of work and little time for play. I’m not complaining at all because this year – so far – has been a dream come true.

Last year I spent ten months working on “Tropic Thunder,” the new Ben Stiller film coming out in July. It was an incredible experience; I met lots of wonderful people and learned quite a bit about film production. I was the production secretary for both the Los Angeles and Hawaii locations.

When that gig ended I immediately segued into an independent feature called “The Group.” Lucky for me I was promoted from assistant production coordinator to production coordinator after being there for only two weeks. My responsibilities have increased and the amount of hours I work seems overwhelming, but the truth is I love my job and I truly respect the people I’m working with.

It never ceases to amaze me how the Universe provides. I’ve waited a long time to get a position like this and now that it’s here I can only leap with joy and sing “Yippee!”

So if I don’t write this blog as often as I like it’s because I’m busy working. I will write more as time allows.

Until the next times my faithful reader(s) remember to laugh at least once a day, and to floss your teeth after every meal.