Monday, September 28, 2009

La Purisima

During my last week adventure to Santa Barbara I took a deliberate wrong turn at the fork in the road and ended up just outside Lompoc, CA at the Mision La Purisima Concepcion De Maria Santisima (Mission of the Immaculate Conception of Most Holy Mary).

This mission was founded on December 8, 1787 by Franciscan Padre Presidente Fermin Francisco Lasuen. It has a long history of prosperity, earthquake damage (the Great Earthquake of 1812), rebuilding, and disrepair, and finally in 1935 it received its current restoration.

Here are some photos I took with my handy Kodak Easy Share digital camera:

Next time you're driving outside of Santa Barbara and you come to the fork in the road bear left and pay a visit to La Purisima.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Panoramic View

Last weekend I journeyed out of Los Angeles and drove two hours to Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara, sometimes referred to as the “American Riviera,” feels like a universe away from the congested, traffic-ridden, cell-phone talking while driving and not looking where you’re going Los Angeles. Everywhere you look it’s beautiful and peaceful.

At first my rate of breathing had a difficult time adjusting. I’m usually a heavy breather trying to stay alive in my world of constant anxiety, but there I could slow down and get lost in the beauty that hypnotized me. Aaah.

After a delicious lunch as a small Danish cafe my friend and I wandered around downtown, visiting a couple of adobes, and ended up on the roof of the Court House for a gorgeous panoramic view. On a clear day you can see forever and that’s exactly what we saw.

While up on the roof we met a bride and groom having photos taken. They were getting married later that afternoon and then heading to Greece for a two week honeymoon. She looked beautiful, but what bride doesn’t? (Well, I have been to a couple of weddings where the bride looked more bridezilla than human, but that’s another story I’ll detail some other time.)

The groom looked good, except instead of wearing black formal shoes with his tux he was wearing black and white checkered canvas shoes you’d wear to the beach. Hmm, I wondered why but refrained from asking. Maybe it's a Santa Barbara groom tradition?

What concerned me more was that if they weren’t yet married isn’t it back luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony? Only time will tell.

I love Santa Barbara and can’t wait to go back again.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monty Python 40 Years Later

I’m going to admit something to you, my faithful readers, that I have never admitted before: I have never seen a Monty Python skit. That’s right.

I used to think that Monty Python was a person with a strange name who lived across the Atlantic somewhere in England. I assumed he had a big head with lots of curly hair, crossed-eyes, a pronounced chin, flat feet, and was on the rather fat size. I also assumed that this Monty Python man was rather vile and the only way to enjoy his comedy was to be either drunk or stoned or mentally deranged.

Whenever someone would start blah-blah-blahing about this Monty Python I would quietly leave the room and go to the bathroom. I found all that Monty Python talk better than bran muffin. Flush.

So it came as a big surprise last night when I ended up in the audience at The Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles for “An Evening Without Monty Python.” Everyone around me was an enthusiastic Python-er and when I innocently confessed to the couple sitting next to me that I’d never seen a Monty Python skit I thought they were going to go into cardiac arrest. When they finally calmed down they assured me that I would love it once I tried it.

And love it I did!

This show is a 40th anniversary celebration of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and it stars Jeff B. Davis, Jane Leeves, Alan Tudyk, Rick Homes, and Jim Piddock. They were magnificent performing The Parrot Sketch, The Bruces, Spanish Inquisition, Argument, Lumberjack Song, Nudge, Nudge, and others.

I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. I even joined in with the singing of the Lumberjack song. It’s quite the catchy tune.

Being the late-Monty-Python-bloomer that I am, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do so I’m going to log on to Netflix and get me some Monty Python in my queue.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Figs en France

Those wonderful Figs - one of my most favorite bands - recently triumphed in Craponne, France at the Festival Country Rendez-Vous. And from the looks of the video they were magnifique!

So click here for a glimpse of what went down en France.

I love The Figs.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gone, Gone, Gone

Little Angela Torres recently watched her beloved white rabbit, Mr. Henderson, recently snatched by a coyote. One moment Mr. Henderson was hippity-hoppiting along without a care in the world and the next moment his neck was in the mouth of a coyote. The last image Little Angela has of her beloved Mr. Henderson is his tiny head bobbing up and down to the rhythm of the coyote strut.
The media didn’t find the story worthy of even the local Cable Access News.

Little Monique Canard was walking her puppy dog, Demetrius, last week when it slipped out of its collar and scampered away. She chased it around the block, and as she turned the corner she witnessed a coyote grab Demetrius by the hind leg and run, run, run. Little Monique screamed and ran after the wily coyote but the coyote was too damn fast and disappeared into nearby woods.

Little Monique's mother immediately phoned the media but was left on hold for over an hour before hanging up. Little Monique is now in therapy.

So why should talentless attention-craving media-whore Jessica Simpson warrant international media coverage for her pooch in a coyote’s mouth?

You dog is dead, Jessica, just like your career.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

All 50 States

How many of our public officials can draw a map of the United States from memory?

From the way some of them have been behaving lately I think we can safely assume they have their heads so far up their asses they couldn’t find their way home if they were given the yellow brick road to follow. Joe, Dick, Sarah... this means you.

Freshman Senator Al Franken recently drew from memory a map of all 50 states during his appearance at the Minnesota State Fair. Oh yes he did, and here’s a youtube video that proves he truly deserves an A+ in geography.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Every Move You Make

I’m on facebook. I created a profile and I’ve become “friends” with a few hundred people. Some I know well. Some I know only as acquaintances. Some I’ve never met before. Some are people I’ve re-connected with after years of separation. It’s social networking at its finest, and its most bizarre. For instance...

I looked out the window and saw a baby bird in the tree.

I prefer bats over birds.

A couple of times a day I check out the site to see what’s happening with everyone. I enjoy reading some of the postings, but certainly not all. There are some people who post constantly with the most boring postings. Do we really want to know their every move?

I washed strawberries and ate one. Delicious!

I think the strawberry is giving me gas.

I should have bought peaches instead.

Do people who write these inane entries think that everyone of their facebook friends wants to know such details of their daily lives?

I’m meeting Stacie for dinner. Gonna go take a shower.

Have to TiVo “Two and a Half Men” so I won’t miss it. Stacie is waiting.

I have one particular facebook friend who cannot resist posting dozens of updates a day. In person she’s really nice, but on facebook it’s like she’s addicted to posting. She’s a facebook fanatic.

I had the spinach salad with the dressing on the side. Then I had salmon with steamed vegetables. For dessert it was cheesecake.

I’m feeling bloated. That damn cheesecake!

So why do I read her entries? When I open my facebook page they’re there reaching out to me, blinding me until I breakdown and read them. I’ve thought about deleting her from my friends list, but then I wonder if I would miss her hourly updates. Am I secretly a facebook fanatic?

Just watched “Two and a Half Men.” Laughed my ass off.

Time to go to bed. I’m exhausted.

I sleep naked.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bad Ass Behavior

I was appalled when I heard Rep. Joe Wilson from South Carolina yell, “You lie!” during President Obama’s healthcare reform speech.

How can anyone condone such bad ass behavior from an elected official who clearly has no respect for the President? Sure Joe Wilson apologized, but I think the only reason he did was because his rant backfired and didn’t make him a hero, but showed what he truly is: a hateful immature fool. He should resign immediately.

This past week so many people had their panties in an uproar because our President made a speech to students as they began the new school year. There were so many hate-filled rants that, quite honestly, they shocked me. What was the big deal? President Obama spoke eloquently to students encouraging them to study, to work hard, and to succeed. What’s bad about that?

For all those naysayers I say get over it. It’s time to stop perpetuating fear and to stop hating. It doesn’t set a good example for the children, and it certainly doesn’t move us forward into a better world.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Up Close and Personal

During the 80s I was never a huge fan of Hall & Oates, Sure, they had songs I enjoyed and for most of the decade they churned out hit after hit after hit, but their synthesizer sound never hit my musical orgasmic nerve. My vast record/CD collection never included one of their 80s mega-hits.

So it was a twist of fate (and a free ticket) that brought me to the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles last night for the Hall & Oates “Up Close and Personal” tour.

What could have been a schmaltzy trip down synthesizer lane turned out to be a truly enjoyable musical evening full of hit songs and little gems from their pre-80s period.

Their hit songs are numerous and they played most of them including:

One On One
Family Man
Out of Touch
I Can’t Go For That
You Make My Dreams
Kiss On My List
Say It Isn’t So
Private Eyes

The gems included the pre-80s hits Sara Smile, and Rich Girl.

Reaching back to 1973 and their “Abandoned Luncheonette” record they performed Las Vegas Turnaround, When the Morning Comes, and an exquisite version of She’s Gone.

The one song of theirs I’ve always detested was Adult Education and damn it, they played it. I cringed a little, but luckily it was over in less than four minutes.

The one song I anticipated hearing they never played. I suggest ditching the lousy education song and replacing it with the incredible Every Time You Go Away.

Next time they’re in town I’ll probably go, and actually pay for a ticket.