Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Princess And The Walnut Festival

Four-year-old Christa has long brown curly hair and beautiful emerald green eyes.

Christa loves to play in the park. She can spend hours on the seesaw, the jungle gym, and the swings. Oh how she laughs when she’s swinging higher than the trees!

Nicky is her pet beagle. He loves to go to the park and chase the other dogs.

Christa and Nicky don't like rainy days. On rainy days they cannot go to the park.

Today it's not sunny outside. Plop, plop, plop goes the rain as it dances on the windowpane.

Christa sits by the window counting the raindrops. One there and one there and oh how silly! The raindrops are everywhere. She laughs at them. They seem to laugh back with every plop, plop, plop.

Mommy brings Christa some freshly baked cookies. Cookies with little brown things sitting on top. Mommy calls the little brown things walnuts.

Curious Christa holds one cookie in front of her, turning it round and round. She takes a bite. She chews slowly. She stops chewing and then chews some more. She smiles. She likes walnuts!

Suddenly there is a great downpour of raindrops plop, plop, plopping really loud. Nicky jumps from the bed and hides under it.

Christa looks out the window and sighs. There's nothing for her to do today.

Mommy tells her to use her imagination; to think of any place she wants to be and anyone she wants to be and make believe she's there and she's that person.

Christa thinks and thinks and thinks. Oh! She has an idea!

She remembers how she dressed up as a princess for Halloween. She especially loved the crown of jewels. It was called a tiara.

Rummaging through her closet she pulls out the princess dress and puts it on. She dances to the rhythm of the plopping raindrops. As she sways from side to side the little beads on her dress sparkle like stars.

Mommy reaches in the closet and from the top shelf she pulls down the most beautiful tiara. She places it on Christa's head.

Christa's eyes open wide. She covers her mouth with her hands. She is a beautiful princess!

Mommy calls her Princess Miyo.

"Princess Meeeooo," repeats Christa.

Mommy explains that Princess Miyo is the princess of a small far away island called Miyo. The people of Miyo bring their princess walnut cookies as a symbol of their love. And today they are celebrating The Walnut Festival.

Christa claps her hands. She wants to hear more!

Princess Miyo loves purple daisies! Lots of pretty purple daisies.

Christa imagines herself surrounded by purple daisies. One by one they appear everywhere.

What about a prince? Nicky! Nicky will be her prince!

Christa leads Nicky from under the bed and brings him to her throne. She wraps a blue blanket around him because all princes wear royal robes.

Mommy kneels in front of the Princess' throne and waves her arms in the air as she sings the Princess Miyo song:

Oomoo lahlay mouki lay
Sumi he lumi nay
Princess Miyo
umi lumi fay

Princess Miyo takes a royal bow. Nicky wags his tail from underneath his royal robe. He howls as Mommy sings.

Princess Miyo picks up daisies and tosses them in the air. Like feathers they float to the ground.

Princess Miyo imagines seeing the people of Miyo. Suddenly they are there!

The Miyo girls wear straw skirts with colorful tops and have purple daisies in their hair. The Miyo boys wear straw pants and carry beautifully painted shields.

The people of Miyo sing in unison. They sound like a choir of baby birds chirping. The plopping of the rain echoes like drums beating in the distance.

Oomoo lahlay mouki lay
Sumi he lumi nay
Princess Miyo
umi lumi fay

Princess Miyo parades around the room waving to the people of Miyo. They reach out their hands to touch her.

Princess Miyo shares the walnut cookies with all her new friends from Miyo.

Prince Nicky reminds her that princes love cookies too! Princess Miyo leans forward and kisses her Prince. She feeds him a walnut cookie.

Princess Miyo announces that every rainy day will be The Walnut Festival Day.

Plop, plop ... plop.

Suddenly the rain has stopped. Streaks of sun shine through the window.

Princess Miyo turns to the people of Miyo but something has happened. The Miyo girls and boys are no longer there.

The purple daisies are all gone.

Mommy hugs Christa. Nicky jumps up and licks her cheek.

The Walnut Festival is over.

Christa looks out the window and feels the warmth of the sun on her face. It's inviting her to come outside and play.

Mommy kisses Christa and tells her to look for the rainbow.

Christa looks and looks but doesn't see it.

Mommy says to use her imagination. It's out there. Just keep looking.

As Christa and Nicky race outside, a beautiful rainbow lights up the sky.

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