Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Taste This...

Earlier today I took a break from pondering the evolution of mankind and plopped myself down on the couch to watch some television. I channel surfed up and down the dial looking for something to grab my attention. Nothing did yet I couldn't stop myself. Click, click, click. I was having more fun clicking than watching anything for more than a split second.

Suddenly my stomach growled rather loudly reminding me I hadn't eaten in hours. It was then that I landed on a cooking show. Ciao Italia to be exact. The hostess is the delightfully delicious Mary Ann Esposito. She was cooking Hunter-Style Chicken (Chicken Cacciatore).

By the time she finished my mouth was watering, my hunger pangs were louder than a ringing bell, and I almost leaped across the room and licked the television screen. I refrained myself but the urge was overwhelming. I jotted down the ingredients and ran to the market.

For dinner tonight I had a glass of white wine (okay, two glasses) and scrumptious Chicken Cacciatore.

Mary Ann's website is

I think I love her.

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