Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sex, Sex, Sex, and More Sex

As everyone flocked to the nearest Cineplex this weekend to see Borat, Happy Feet or Santa Claus 3, I ventured out and saw Shortbus, John Cameron Mitchell's deliciously delightful sexual romp through the streets and alleys of post 9/11 Manhattan. It's fresh, thought provoking, carnal, and one of my favorite films this year.

This film has real sex, not the simulated kind you usually see in movies. And there's plenty of it too. It might be offensive to some (prudes!), but beneath the parade of sexual activity there's a heartfelt story, exploring the lives of emotionally and sexually challenged people as they venture through their daily lives.

There's a gay couple grappling with their monogamous relationship, a dominatrix with relationship issues, a voyeur, and a sex therapist who's never achieved orgasm. They all make their weekly visits to Shortbus, a modern-day sex salon, where they come face to face with their sexuality.

Shortbus has got great dialogue, humor, and a kickass soundtrack.

By the end of the film you'll be wondering which character you most resemble.

Who's mine? I'll never tell…

Well, maybe for a price. Any offers?


Owen said...

I haven't seen this film yet but I chatted briefly to Justin Bond (who plays the Madame in the sex salon) a couple of weeks ago at a cabaret show in London. The world is definitely getting smaller!

Anonymous said...

I saw Justin's solo show this evening and he sang some lines from 'Not The Loving Kind' - a Buffy fan indeed!