Monday, December 11, 2006

I Fell In Love With An Ape

He stood in the setting sun
crashing waves made him seem gigantic
One look in his eyes I came undone
so romantic
On the dunes of the cape
I fell in love with an ape

He moaned and I felt no fear
every touch was a touch so tender
I sighed and he entered me right there
I surrendered
In my heart there's no escape
I fell in love with an ape

Monkey skin as tough as leather
and a heart as soft as a feather
My burly baby and me
make perfect love together

Some say he's a different species
He's got arms that extend too long
One look and it's clear to see he's
my own King Kong
I'll take him any size or shape
I fell in love with an ape

© MC528. All Rights Reserved.

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