Monday, January 01, 2007

Random Thoughts…

What's all the fuss about "Dreamgirls"? I remember seeing the Broadway play and being totally unimpressed. I had the same feeling watching the film. The performances are all good and Jennifer Hudson does send shivers with her rendition of "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going"… but altogether the film doesn't rise above mediocre.

If you can't trust a friend then that person can no longer be a friend. I learned that the hard way but I'm sure glad I did. Good riddance to her!

When will those Hollywood party girls (you know who I mean) get their act together and start acting responsibly? They no longer have anyone's respect. They've become a pathetic joke, a media circus. How sad.

New friends come from the strangest places. I met this wonderful person through a Buffy Sainte-Marie yahoo group. We email regularly. If you get a moment you should check out his blog:

Speaking of Buffy… her long anticipated "Live At Carnegie Hall" CD has once again fallen into "licensing issues" and will not be released. Damn. Fans will have to keep waiting.

I run on the treadmill. I lift weights regularly. I do my best to stay in shape. It's a battle… and yes; gravity can be cruel.

"Sex and the City" late-night TV reruns are a guilty pleasure.

Malbec is a great red wine.

"Thank You For Smoking" is a real good film. You should all see it.

Bob Dylan's "Modern Times" was a 2006 music highlight. So was Neil Diamond's "12 Songs."

There's nothing like a good laugh. We all need to laugh more in 2007.

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