Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Red, Red, Red, RED!

I have always been in infatuated with office supplies.

No matter what job I had – and I’ve had many – I would always get excited about filling my desk drawers with a plethora of supplies (secretly knowing they would come home with me when the job ended).

There were assorted pens and pencils, pads of paper (numerous sizes), calendars, white out, tape, paperclips, rubber bands, binder clips, and the list goes on and on and on.

When the going got tough at work I would always take solace in the latest Office Supply Catalogue. It was calming, cathartic. And since the company was paying I would order myself something special, maybe a new desk lamp or a P-touch label maker or a leather bound binder.

But over the past year my yearning for office supplies began to wane. I was saturated with everything needed for a successful office. There didn’t seem to be anything new in the catalogues to give me a rise. Office supply foreplay was virtually non-existent, dwindling to a quick glance and little joy.

Then suddenly something wonderful happened. On my first day in the production office in Hawaii I was looking at the stagnant supply of common office supplies when a bright red shiny item caught my eye.
My heart beat faster and the blood started pumping. There within reach was a red Swingline stapler. Red. I reached out and caressed its smooth sleekness and knew that something wonderful was happening. I got dizzy and squinted my eyes as the joy of office supplies reached a high I’d never experienced before. Wow!

I’m in love.


Owen said...

You're wierd. Mind you, I actually have my *own* pens. No, not pens that I've bought or anything like that, but pens I commissioned and had made for various campaigns I've been responsible for. They're not that exciting really but, now that the campaigns are over, I have bags of spare pens that live in my desk at work, are in my jacket pockets, in my work bag and in my bureau at home ... *My* pens! Enough to last me for years...

Michael (aka "Honu") said...

Weird? Maybe so. I've got my stapler and you've got your pens. LOL! I think that makes us quite unique.