Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My New Favorite Music

iTunes has become my new favorite waste of time. I want to fill my new red iPod nano with new music in addition to my standby favorites. There are artists I love and will never get enough of (namely Buffy Sainte-Marie), but there are new ones that have captured my attention.

Right now I’ve found two recent releases that I love, and a glimpse of a new CD that I cannot wait to buy.

First there’s Kelly Clarkson’s “My December.” As an artist she has grown tremendously and this CD shows a stronger more confident woman. The songs are brutally honest and introspective. It’s by far her best work and a great step forward. I hope she doesn’t backtrack and fall prey to the demands of the pop-music executives who want to fit her into that pop-kitty category. I applaud Kelly for standing firm and pursuing her own musical direction.

The second CD comes as an incredible surprise. It’s Maximo Park’s “Our Earthly Pleasures.” I just downloaded it the other night and cannot stop listening to it. It’s got great energy, great production, and great songs. This is the second release for this UK band and if this CD is any indication, they’re gonna be around for a long time.

And finally… Buffy Sainte-Marie is my all-time favorite. Recently Kauai radio played songs from her upcoming CD “Running For The Drum,” due out in March 2008. What I heard is stellar. As a singer/songwriter she continues to be relevant, outspoken, and truthful. Hopefully this CD will bring Buffy the commercial success that has sadly eluded her in the USA.

So there you have it… the music that’s rocking my world these days.

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Owen said...

Not that I'm one to boast or anything but I've seen Maximo Park play live four times this year and they were marvelous each and every time. Make sure you listen to their fabulous version of J Timberlake's 'Like I Love You' (it'll be available as a 'B' side on the next single in December).