Thursday, November 08, 2007

A DVD Must See

Lately I’ve been enjoying the benefits of my Netflix membership. For me it’s so much easier to browse online than to stop by the video store, usually when I’m in a rush and the store’s about to close, and make an important “film choice” decision.

My queue currently has a smorgasbord of over forty titles waiting patiently to make the journey through the postal service and into my DVD player.

The other night I watched an incredible French film from 2005 called “A Love To Hide” (“Un Amour a Taire”). Somewhere I’d read a blurb about it and jotted the title on my list of movies to watch, and while browsing Netflix I added it to my queue. I’m so glad I did.

It’s a love story between two young men and a young Jewish woman they hide and protect from the Nazis in 1940s Paris. This beautiful love story doesn’t stay beautiful for long. One of the lovers ends up arrested (his jealous brother wants to “teach him a lesson”) and because he’s on a list naming him a homosexual his release doesn’t go as planned and he’s sent to a concentration camp where torture and death are a way of life.

The reality of Nazi hatred of homosexuals comes in some heart wrenching scenes that had me angry and shocked and full of tears. How did this happen, and most importantly why? Atrocious acts were committed against innocent people whose only crime was loving someone.

Director Christian Faure does an excellent job and the actors, Jeremie Renier, Louise Monot, and Bruno Todeschini all give outstanding performances.

Next time you’re browsing Netflix, or searching your neighborhood video store, please grab this title and watch it.

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