Monday, December 03, 2007

Jesus, Booze & Kwanzaa

I love theatre. From the big Broadway shows with elephants, feathers, multi-million dollar sets and overblown production numbers to the smaller, more serious and quieter productions I am completely enthralled with the theatre experience. For me it’s magical.

Through the years I’ve seen hundreds of productions, and have written reviews for many. I always looked for something good to say, and restrained myself from giving a horrible review. Just because I was having a bad day – stress, fatigue, jealousy, stomach cramps, or whatever – didn’t give me the right to berate someone’s earnest efforts. I’m not a theatre snob. I appreciate all forms of live entertainment.

After seeing the truly wonderful “The History Boys” on Thursday night I took a complete theatrical u-turn and headed to a cabaret venue in the basement of a Mexican restaurant on Friday night to see a show called “Jesus, Booze & Kwanzaa” starring the fabulous Boofant Sisters, Ruby and Vicky.

The Boofant sisters, actually a guy and a gal all dolled up in their boofant finest, sing, dance, tell irreverent jokes, and act totally silly. They entertained the sold out crowd with all the gusto of a size 14 sausaged into a size 4. In other words, their holiday spirit was busting out all over.

In one of the shows highlights they performed Dolly Parton’s poignant “Me and Little Andy” with puppets. It was over-the-top hilarity. I even think Dolly would get a laugh out of it.

Not everything worked. A segment with half-naked elves and circumcision fell flat, and should be cut.

But when they shined the Boofant Sisters shined like a star on the top of an aluminum Christmas tree. Their wacky performance of “Totally Eclipse of the Heart” has to be seen to be appreciated.

“Jesus, Booze & Kwanzaa” is an evening of mindless fun, something we all need every once in a while.

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