Sunday, December 16, 2007

Touched By An Angel

Saturday night I went to my friend Carole’s annual Christmas party. She lives out in the canyon area in a rustic house with a huge fireplace that was crackling with a holiday fire. There was food and drink and some real interesting people, a nice eclectic mix.

Carole asked everyone to bring a gag gift for the annual gift swap.

Last year I brought a pink piggy bank as my gag gift and went home with wind up plastic sushi. I still have them.

This year I wasn’t feeling to gag-ish and brought Godiva truffles. How are truffles a gag gift you wonder? I reasoned that if someone didn’t chew the truffle it would get lodged in their throat causing them to… gag.

Prior to the gift swap two people who brought guitars played a whole range of holiday and non-holiday songs and everyone sang along. The Christmas spirit was flowing as freely as the Merlot. The multi-lingual crowd joined together and sang the beloved “Silent Night” in English, German, and Portuguese. It was a beautiful moment.

Then came the gift swap. Oh the anticipation deciding which gift to pick. The biggest package? The smallest package? The one with the brightest wrapping paper? I stood in front of the gifts like a child surveying the numerous packages. I decided the medium package with the red and silver wrapping.

All eyes were on me as I tore the paper open…

Inside the box were snowmen with angel wings. Upon closer inspection, and reading the description on the box, I realized they were a sugar and creamer set. They’re adorable little ceramic things, and will complement the holiday table perfectly. I don’t consider it a gag gift at all.

One woman received a box of adult diapers. Someone else got large penis shaped cookies. I consider those gag gifts.

I left the party in a wonderful holiday spirit humming carols all the way home.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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