Monday, April 14, 2008

Honk If You Think This Is Insane

I was driving along the other morning and noticed a car ahead of me swerving from side to side and then slowing down and speeding up. My “this person must be drunk/stoned” red flag went up and I knew I needed to get away from this car before it caused an accident.

At my first opportunity I pulled into the other lane to pass this dangerous driver. As I drove by I glanced over and saw what was causing the problem. The driver had his laptop propped on the steering wheel and he was feverishly typing.

I pondered what could be so important that he had to type right at that moment. Was he typing an erotic email to his mistress? Was he writing his morning journal? Was he typing his job resignation? Was he putting the finishing touches on that screenplay he foolishly believes will become a hit movie? Was he writing his will? I could only imagine.

One thing I knew for certain was that this guy is an absolute idiot for putting his life and some innocent person’s life at risk.

He should have his license revoked.

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