Monday, April 21, 2008


Trends come and go, and usually I don’t get pulled into them, but last week I let my guard down and found myself at Pinkberry, home of the latest frozen yogurt craze. I’ve been seeing new Pinkberry locations all over Los Angeles and assumed there must be something to a frozen yogurt that has tongues wagging and the media raving.

Celebrities, such as party girl Paris Hilton, have caused traffic jams as they illegally park in order to get their Pinkberry fix, which has been referred to as “Crackberry.” On the Pinkberry website it says:

Pinkberry is swirly goodness
It’s frozen yogurt reinvented
to create an experience
that indulges the senses

So there I was at the counter contemplating what to get. The choices were Original or Green Tea. I chose Original. For toppings I chose kiwi, strawberries, and mango. It was quite the colorful presentation with the green, red, and yellow of the fruit against the white of the yogurt. My taste buds were watering as I anticipated that first spoonful.And then I tried it… and… it was tasteless, absolutely tasteless. What? How could this be? I thought there must be something wrong with my taste buds, but spoonful after spoonful proved that Pinkberry yogurt is tasteless, bland, an insult to frozen yogurt everywhere.

I told friends about my Pinkberry experience and surprisingly many felt the same, chiding me for falling prey to celebrity/media manipulation.

Pinkberry is frozen yogurt reinvented with no taste and it doesn’t indulge but disappoints the senses. It’s a trend that will run its course and hopefully melt into oblivion.


Owen said...

Let that be a lesson to you!

Anonymous said...

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