Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sweet America.... It's More Buffy

The legendary Buffy Sainte-Marie is finally having her mid-70s records released on CD on July 15th. I have been waiting for years for these truly wonderful albums to be properly transferred to CD. The three albums are “Sweet America,” “Changing Woman,” and “Buffy.” That’s 33 Buffy songs altogether…. Yippee!

But there’s more…. At the end of June Buffy’s all new original song CD “Running For The Drum” will be released. Her last CD of original material was 1992's critically acclaimed "Coincidence and Likely Stories."

Back in 1979 Buffy was a guest on Perry Como’s Christmas Special. In addition to singing a wonderful duet with Perry of her beautiful “Until It’s Time For You To Go,” she also debuted “Starwalker,” which is one of Buffy’s favorite songs. As Buffy said, "It’s about the incredible energy of our contemporary Indian people. Because of what our ancestors went through for us, I sing it for all our generations past; and all our generations yet to come.”

Here’s a YouTube clip of that very special television event.

If you haven’t discovered Buffy Sainte-Marie you need to click on over to iTunes and take a listen. You’ll be hooked.


Owen said...

And and *all* Buffy music is important and worthy of blogging. Have you seen 'Running' advertised anywhere yet?

scotsteve said...

hello from leicester uk.really chuffed to hear about new buffy album "Running..." had not heard about it till i saw your blog. And sweet america on cd at last!
i saw buffy once in concert in london in 93 - a truly great night i've always treasured. do you know if she is planning to tour new album? thanks for alerting me to this news.

Michael said...

Hi Scotsteve - Thanks for the comments. Buffy's debuting her CD in Canada on June 27th. Don't know if she's doing any other concerts. Check out her site: for upcoming concerts and info.

GJ said...

Running For The Drum has just been mastered (supposedly!) in NY by Buffy and her co-producer Chris Birkit and is due for release in Sept., according to her co-producer. I hope this indeed happened as scheduled and the release date will soon be made public. Why these things are such mysteries is a mystery to me when you would think that they (the artist, producer, record company, etc) would want to put out the accurate information regarding release date to help sales but that seems to be the furthest thing from anyone's mind. Very hard to figure. All the misinformation surrounding this album is abundant and mostly inaccurate. Let's hope for a release date soon.