Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Have you ever met someone who’s so angry at the world they make life miserable for everyone around them?

I have and unfortunately I have to see her everyday at work. Luckily this job ends in two weeks and after that I hopefully will never have to see her sad face or hear her irritating voice ever again.

Before last Friday I never cared for her nor did I trust her, but I was able to tolerate being in the same room with her. But last Friday afternoon she had an office meltdown stomping her rather large flat feet like a child and spewing venom like a rattlesnake that hasn’t had a bite in weeks.

What could have caused this unnecessary outburst? Let me explain…

At the end of a film production a crew list is sent out to everyone on crew. It includes everyone’s name, telephone, and position. I was in charge of this list and worked diligently to get it done. I didn’t know she didn’t want to be on it, nor did I know that her name is not Jennifer (she’s called Jenny or Jen most of the time). So… with all good intentions I added her to the list with the name Jennifer.

I emailed it to the crew and handed a copy to everyone still in the office. Within seconds she came after me wanting to know if it was sent out. I told her it was. That’s when her fangs came out and the drama began. She yelled that her name is not Jennifer but Jenny and that she didn’t want to be on the list. I was baffled by her hysteria. I apologized for writing Jennifer instead of Jenny, but she didn’t want to hear it. Bitch was on a tirade!

She went on and on and then announced that it was her 40th birthday and no one cares and no one did anything for her. She stormed away, packed up her laptop, and left.

(As a little aside, two days earlier it was my birthday and everyone gave me a delicious carrot cake and sang me “Happy Birthday.” Was she jealous?)

If the office staff knew it was her birthday we would have done something, but the fact is we didn’t know.

Over the weekend I tried rationalizing her bad behavior but couldn’t. I apologized for the name mishap and she refused to listen. What else did she want?

Her birthday weekend obviously didn’t go well because on Monday she was still on a rage, still as mean a snake. When I did have to deal with her she immediately started yelling "fuck you" loud enough for everyone to hear. She said it not once, not twice, but many times like a broken record. Someone needs to wash her mouth out with soap and teach her some manners. It’s really quite sad that she lashes out at people without taking a good look in the mirror. Maybe she’s afraid of what she’d see?

Or maybe her therapist needs to adjust her meds?

Insanity walks a very thin wire and I think she’s fallen and can’t get up.

Oh, and one last thing. In the midst of her “Fuck you” rants she informed me that her real name isn’t Jennifer, Jenny, or Jen; it’s Jacqueline. Whatever.

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