Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Moral Compass

Every now and then someone writes a comment about one of my postings. I thoroughly enjoy reading them, and encourage people to do so.

However, every once in a while there’s a comment that is so hideous that it needs to be addressed.

In my previous posting “Wanted vs. Hellboy II” I received a comment from a Mrs. Walter J. Katsellas that made me laugh out loud. This is what she wrote:

Young man. I think you should stop promoting movies with those R ratings that show women in various stages of undress. Find yourself a church with good air conditioning and go there when you need to escape the summer heat. After all, the summer heat is no comparison to the eternal fires of Hell, which is where you might end up if you keep watching movies like this, dear. The choice is clear. Yours in the Love of Christ.

I click over to her blog to find out a little about her, and this is what’s written under the “About Me” section:

This is a Senior Citizen in her Golden Years who has taken to journal writing. Maureen Katsellas is a feminist, an activist, a Catholic, and not afraid to speak her mind. “I am a down to earth Moral Compass for my Neighborhood, and after encouragement from some of those altos in the church choir, I am taking my story story onto the world wide web to knock some sense into the heads of these teeny bopper young kids on the information super hi way,” she says.

I read some of her postings and they’re absolutely hateful. Jesus ought to wash her mouth out with soap!

Shame on you Mrs. Walter J. Katsellas. You’re moral compass appears to be wedged up your ass. Take it out a relax a little. You might be surprised at how good it feels.

All I can say to you, Mrs. Walter J. Katsellas, is I hope you like the heat because with a close-minded “moral compass” like yours you will definitely end up in the eternal fires of Hell... hopefully sooner rather than later.

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