Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A New Discovery

Sometimes I stumble upon a new band or website or book or restaurant and when I excitedly tell friends about it they give me that, “Where the hell have you been?” look followed by that disgusted “God, you are so lame” look. I do consider myself hip and happening, but every once in a while something slips past me only to be discovered later on.

So anticipating those looks I want to share with you my latest website discovery, which you’ve might already discovered and neglected to mention to me:

It’s a great website where you can download (purchase) or listen (for free) to concerts. There are 932 performers listed in the concert section including Blondie, Boy George, Dolly Parton, Neil Young, Slade (this should make a certain Owen very happy), Van Morrison, Patti Smith, and the list goes on and on.

Sadly they don’t have any Buffy Sainte-Marie concerts. Maybe someday soon.

Check it out.

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Owen said...

Aw thanks!