Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wanted vs. Hellboy II

Over the past week I was invited to screenings for two action films. Usually the action genre is not the top of my list, but they were free and I figured, “Hey, what have I got to lose?”

The first film was “Wanted,” the highly anticipated Angelina Jolie flick. The premise is pretty ludicrous with not a trace of believability, but there’s something about it that works, and works well. James McAvoy plays an anxiety prone dweeb accounts manager who’s a doormat for his girlfriend, his boss, and his best friend (who’s sleeping with the girlfriend). They treat him like crap. Then one day Fox (Angelina Jolie) shows up and changes his life forever. She transforms him into an assassin to avenge the death of his father, a man he never knew.

Yeah, yeah... there are twists and turns and lots of gunshots, and yes, one scene with a naked-from-the-back Jolie, which for some would be worth the price of the ticket.

All in all “Wanted” is an enjoyable romp that’ll get everyone out of the summer heat and into the air conditioned cineplex.

The other film was “Hellboy II: The Golden Army.” I never saw the first Hellboy film, and maybe that’s why I found this one such a disappointment. There just didn’t seem to be any chemistry between the characters. The silly dialogue and not-so-good acting didn’t help either.

What’s the story? The Golden Army rises and rebels in order to rule the world, and Hellboy leads the crusade to defeat these creatures from the mythical world. Does he succeed? Oh yeah, and the ending is a set up for yet another sequel in this franchise.

In an attempt for humor there’s a scene where Hellboy gets drunk and sentimental, singing along to Barry Manilow’s “Can’t Smile Without You.” What can I say? It’s good to see Manilow having yet another career resurgence.

Of the two films I say go see “Wanted” and skip “Hellboy II.”

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Mrs. Walter J. Katsellas said...

Young man, I think you should stop promoting movies with those R ratings that show women in various stages of undress. Find yourself a church with good air conditioning and go there when you need to escape the summer heat. After all, the summer heat is no comparison to the eternal fires of Hell, which is where you might end up if you keep watching movies like this, dear. The choice is clear.

Yours in the Love of Christ.