Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My mother’s sister is named Rosella. It’s a name I’ve never know anyone else to be named. What a shame because I think it’s a pretty name; however, I want to know who’s to blame for thinking up such a name. Rosella.

Did my grandmother make it up by combining two other names; possibly Rose and Della? or Rose and Stella? or Rose and Bella?

I would ask my aunt, but I can’t because she’s dead.

I could ask my mother, but that’s a long distance call.

And my grandmother? She’s been dead for years.

With my curiosity piqued I powered up my laptop (a MacBook of course) and searched Google.

A rosella is a colorful Australian parrot in the genus Platycercus. A feature common to the rosellas is a broad or flat tail.

Whenever hungry rosellas feed on seeds and fruits.

Now when I think of my aunt I think of a squawking bird.

I wonder if in Australia people have rosellas as pets, kept in a cage to entertain their guests?

Gosh... what is making me what to rhyme all the time?

Maybe it's the wine?

I need to go to bed. Good night.

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Maureen Katsellas said...

Dear, I read your blod all the time now that I don't pray as much the way I used to. I think that is a pretty name and I am a bird watcher myself.