Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Dig The Figs

My Baton Rouge experience continues...

Besides working fourteen hour days I’ve been able to enjoy some of the local food and culture. The food is delicious. It’s fried and fried is good. Of course I’ve been forcing myself to the gym on days off so I don’t one day soon wake up and be unable to look down and see my... feet.

I don’t want to get back to Los Angeles and not have anyone recognize me, nor do I want to be weighed on a Richter scale.

But enough about my potential future of diabetes and obesity. There’s something more fun I want to tell you about.

I was given a copy of a CD called “What Keeps Me Up At Night” from an Louisiana based all girl band named The Figs. That’s right, The Figs.
On my way home from work I slid that CD into the rental car stereo, raised the volume, and anticipated hearing something I’d hopefully like. The first song started and I was immediately hooked. Dare I say The Figs is my new favorite band?

The Figs is my new favorite band.

What’s their sound? It’s folk/country that spans both ends of that musical spectrum. It’s got this great vintage/retro feel but at the same time it’s contemporary. Ukuleles. Banjos. Guitars. Drums. Beautiful harmonies. It’s The Figs.

My favorite songs are “The Letter,” “Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss,” “Ruby Don’t Cry,” “Poppa Oh Poppa,” “Dear Colonel,” and “Guns.” But then there’s “”And So It Goes,” and “High Heeled Stomp,” and... oh damn, it’s the whole CD.
The Figs’ website is Check ‘em out.

Besides playing all over Louisiana, during the summer of 2009 the band will participate in the Country Rendez-Vous Festival in Craponne sur Arzon, France.

“What Keeps Me Up At Night” is in heavy rotation on my ipod, and the CD sits happily in my rental car stereo and will stay there until I leave Baton Rouge, where it will find its new home in my Los Angeles car stereo.

I really dig The Figs, and you will too.

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