Sunday, November 09, 2008

La Nouvelle Orlean

Aah... the French Quarter... Vieux Carre... New Orleans.

Saturday I had a deserved day off from working extremely long hours and decided to venture the sixty miles from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.

The last time I was in New Orleans was for Mardi Gras a few years ago while working on a video shoot. That time I was producing the Captain Morgan Rum website, and what better connection to pirates than Mardi Gras? It was five days of crowds, booze, bad behavior, beads, and bare breasts. In other words: one hell of a good time.

This time there were no pirates, no beads, and no drunken behavior.

I had a grand time.

A friend and I roamed the French Quarter, wandering away from the too-many-tourists of Bourbon Street to the side streets. It was like stepping into another world. The architecture, the people, and the food were a delight. I felt like I belonged there.

For lunch we ate at the Napoleon House on Chartres Street, and yes, I had jambalaya. It was delicious. Here’s a picture of my plate:

After wandering the various antique shops we ended up by the mighty Mississippi River to enjoy the view.

I love New Orleans.

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