Friday, March 27, 2009

Goodbye, Mailbox

Convenience is a good thing. I live my life with an eye towards convenience. So you can only imagine my state-of-mind when I walked to the mailbox a block away from my apartment to mail a letter and found a slab of cement where the mailbox used to be.

Yesterday it was there. Today it was not.

I was discombobulated. Where was I supposed to put my letter? My morning schedule was suddenly interrupted, and not in a good way. I was not pleased.

There’s another mailbox a few blocks further away from my apartment, but that’s a longer walk...

Because I really wanted to mail my letter I walked to the other mailbox, but it didn’t fail right. Sure, a mailbox is a mailbox is a mailbox, but I had a special relationship with the one closer to my humble abode. I relied on that mailbox, knowing every day at 1:30 PM the Post Office truck would arrive and pick up my letters. That mailbox and I had an unspoken agreement that whatever I put in its slot would never get lost en route to its final destination.

The one time I cheated on my favorite mailbox with another less-attractive mailbox, both my letter and Netflix movie never made it to their destinations. They fell victim to the postal abyss of lost letters and Netflix movies.

I’ve mourned my mailbox and will get better acquainted with the other one, the one much further down the street, but it might take some time.

Until then I’m not mailing anything.

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