Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yo-Yo Time

This past weekend I went to the AFCI Locations Trade Show at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. There were displays from numerous cities and countries enticing you to bring your film production to their locale. I spoke with people from Jordan (the best display), France, England, Hawaii, Spain, Wisconsin, Alabama, and too many other places to mention. I felt like I had taken a journey around the world in 120 minutes. It was exhausting.

What was most exciting was the swag, the free gifts I acquired. From Canada I got a bottle of Canadian maple syrup. From Lafayette, Louisiana I got a bottle of Cajun Power Garlic Sauce. There were pens, pads of paper, a Magic Eight Ball to answer my most secret questions, and a yo-yo. Yes, a yo-yo.

I haven’t yo-yo’d in quite some time, so you can only imagine my joy from receiving such a treasure.

I wanted to yo-yo right then and there, but didn’t because I was afraid who’d be watching me, and judging me. The anticipation grew....

And when I got home I yo-yo’d until my wrist went limp.

With practice I’m certain I could become an expert, maybe even enter some competitions. Last night I dreamed a dream that I could be a yo-yo contestant on Britains Got Talent, or maybe even America’s Got Talent or Sri Lankans Got Talent. (In my dream I was multi-cultural and not a citizen of just one country.)

I’ve practiced a lot in the past day. I’m learning the Around the World trick, the Eiffel Tower trick, and the Monkey Climbing the String trick. I haven't had this much yo-yo fun in years.

When was the last time you yo-yo’d?


Owen said...

I yo-yo'd last week - a red, wooden yo-yo with a picture of Gaudi on one side. It was in the shop under La Pedrera in Barcelona - I don't care who sees me. I have a yo-yo at home and one at work. I have no shame.

Michael said...

Aah, a proud yo-yo'er with a wooden yo-yo. Mine's plastic, but it was free. Maybe I'll invest in a wooden one soon... Hey, I could paste my photo on some yo-yos and give them as holiday gifts! Now that would be a perfect gift.