Friday, May 01, 2009

The San Antonio Winery

I was recently out with a friend and we were looking for somewhere to have dessert and coffee. My friend, ever the Los Angeles enthusiast, knew of just the place. He is truly a walking for Los Angeles. He grew up in LA and knows all the nooks and crannies, and all the wonderful places off the beaten path worthy of exploring.

This time he took me to the San Antonio Winery located at 737 Lamar Street. I was pleasantly surprised. I never knew there was a winery in the middle of the city. I love wine, especially red wine, and my taste buds were suddenly telling me to screw the decaf and go for the vino.

The San Antonio winery was established in 1917 and is currently a City of Los Angeles Cultural Historical Landmark. It is the last of more than one hundred wineries that once populated the Los Angeles River Basin. It’s currently the 21st largest winery in the United States.

Fortunately we started talking with one of the workers who graciously gave us a mini tour of the facility. It was fascinating to see how the wine is made and bottled. San Antonio produces the award-winning Riboli Family of Wines which include Maddalena, Kinderwood, La Quinta, Aliento del Sol, and others.

On the premises is a gift shop, banquet facility, restaurant, and wine shop. At the wine shop we tasted a few of their delicious wines, and then wandered into the restaurant for some more wine and dessert.

An afternoon in search of dessert ended up with a history lesson of Los Angeles wineries, wine tasting, and yes, a piece of cheesecake.

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