Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday Night at the Theatre

My theatre weekend continued on Saturday night with the Los Angeles premiere of the musical thriller No Way To Treat A Lady at the Colony Theatre in Burbank.
The book, music, and lyrics were written by Douglas J. Cohen, based on the 1964 novel by William Goldman. In 1968 Paramount Pictures released the film version of the novel starring George Segal, Lee Remick, Rod Steiger, and Eileen Heckart.

No Way To Treat A Lady is the story of a Jewish New York detective (Kevin Symons) who’s single (over thirty) and still living with his overbearing mother (Heather Lee). He’s in pursuit of a serial killer (Jack Noseworthy) who strangles his victims in hopes of getting his name on the front page of the New York Times to prove to his recently departed famous actress mother that he too can get the headline. Oy. There’s murder, mayhem, life changes, and of course, the requisite love interest (Erica Piccininni).

The actors are all very good, with special praise for Jack Noseworthy and Heather Lee. Lee’s Jewish mother could have been a boring rehash of a stereotype but Lee infuses her heart, making her more real than cartoonish.

The music is good, and the lyrics are cleverly written. My favorite songs include “I Need A Life,” “Front Page News,” and “So Much In Common.”

No Way To Treat A Lady is a fun show, and a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night. Not only do you get to see a fun show, but you also get to spend some time in the valley in the very heart of Burbank. Now that’s a treat!

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