Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bad Puppy Owner

On Saturday I was walking along Hillhurst Avenue in Los Angeles minding my own business when I passed an Italian restaurant with tables set up along the sidewalk. Because I was on my way to the grocery store my hunger pangs forced me to stare at the various tables to see what they were eating.

Pastas. Fish. Chicken. It all looked so good and yummy. My taste buds were salivating. I mentally changed my shopping list to include more pasta, fish, and chicken.

And then I saw it...

At the last table was this couple enjoying their meal, and right there on the top of the table was their dog, laying there like it was the main course. I slowed and looked again, and sure enough, the small puppy was sprawled out across the table wagging its little tail.

I love dogs, but I don’t like them on the table where food is being served.

Didn’t the waiter or waitress tell them how unsanitary it was? Or did the waiter or waitress think it was “cute”?

What made these two idiots think it was okay to put their doggie on the table top?

Fleas, ticks, bacteria, pee pee, and dirty anus pooh raced through my mind. I lost my appetite and mentally deleted the pasta, fish, and chicken from my shopping list.

I hoped the restaurant bleached the table after they left, but something tells me they didn’t. I’m willing to bet it got quickly wiped down and re-set for the next customer.


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