Thursday, June 18, 2009


Here’s an interesting fact I recently discovered: Play-Doh was originally sold as a wallpaper cleaner. All you had to do was simply roll it over the wall to remove dust and dirt.
Created by Noah McVicker for Kutol Products, Play-Doh was first manufactured in Cincinnati. It wasn’t until some nursery school students started using it to make Christmas ornaments that Play-Doh became the beloved Play-Doh we all know and love.

By 1958 Play-Doh had generated over three million dollars in sales.

Between 1955 and 2005 over two billion cans of Play-Doh were sold. That’s a lot of Play-Doh dough!

I remember fondly fondling lumps of Play-Doh creating all sorts of objects; some innocent and some not-so-innocent.

Now that I know the true Play-Doh story I wonder if those nursery school students got a piece of the profits, or a lifetime supply of Play-Doh?

The next time I'm at the mall I'm gonna go get me some Play-Doh.

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