Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Me and My Twenty-One Speeds

After having just finished working on a film I’m enjoying the time off before the next adventure begins. Because it’s summer I want to experience as much sun as possible. For me the hot sweltering sun is something to behold... aaah.

To satisfy this craving I’ve decided the best way to get lots of sun and exercise would be to ride my bike in and around Los Angeles. To do so I first had to change the flat tires and oil the chain; it’s been a while since I rode. With the help of a youtube instruction video I changed my tires with relative ease, and with a can of Tri-Flow I sprayed and lubed the chain. My Windstream twenty-one speed bike was now like new and ready for action.

On Saturday and Sunday I donned my geeky biker’s helmut, removed my shirt, slapped on some sun tan lotion, and rode and rode and rode. I first headed to the Los Angeles River and rode along the near empty river for a few miles before veering off into Griffith Park. The sun was hot, my body glistened, and I was in biker’s heaven.

Only once was I almost hit by a inconsiderate unapologetic car. WARNING: Drivers need to remember to look to their right when they’re making a right turn!

I flashed the car the finger and continued on my way.

As I rode along I entertained myself singing bicycle songs.

Broken Bicycles (Tom Waits)
Brand New Key (Melanie)
Bicycle Race (Queen)

It was a load of fun.

Today I rode into Hollywood to the gym, did an arm workout, and rode back home.

Tonight my legs are telling me they need some rest.

Tomorrow’s another day...

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