Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ocean Air

This past Sunday I had planned a leisurely day. I wanted to read, write, eat, and sleep, and never leave my apartment.

I wasn’t even up an hour when my neighbor called and suggested a local walk and scone. The scone temptation was overpowering and I immediately blurted out a rather aggressive “yes, I’m ready, let’s go.”

Cinnamon raison, blueberry oat, cranberry almond, or lemon poppy? The potential flavors teased the tip of my taste buds as I put on my sneakers.

When my neighbor knocked at my door he suggested forgoing the scone and heading to Venice for breakfast and a walk on the beach. Whoah, this was definitely not part of the day’s plan and would certainly take more than a hour, but I figured “what the hell” and embraced spontaneity.

The sky was bluer than blue with a medley of kites dancing in the breeze. The sun was shining. The temperature was nearly perfect.

Here are some photos I took:

After the beach adventure we headed home, but along the way we veered off for a visit to Lake Shrine at the Self-Realization Center for some spiritual contemplation.

I survived without my scone. I had French toast instead. Delicious.

I came home rejuvenated.

Spontaneity is good.

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