Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bad Ass Behavior

I was appalled when I heard Rep. Joe Wilson from South Carolina yell, “You lie!” during President Obama’s healthcare reform speech.

How can anyone condone such bad ass behavior from an elected official who clearly has no respect for the President? Sure Joe Wilson apologized, but I think the only reason he did was because his rant backfired and didn’t make him a hero, but showed what he truly is: a hateful immature fool. He should resign immediately.

This past week so many people had their panties in an uproar because our President made a speech to students as they began the new school year. There were so many hate-filled rants that, quite honestly, they shocked me. What was the big deal? President Obama spoke eloquently to students encouraging them to study, to work hard, and to succeed. What’s bad about that?

For all those naysayers I say get over it. It’s time to stop perpetuating fear and to stop hating. It doesn’t set a good example for the children, and it certainly doesn’t move us forward into a better world.

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