Friday, September 11, 2009

Every Move You Make

I’m on facebook. I created a profile and I’ve become “friends” with a few hundred people. Some I know well. Some I know only as acquaintances. Some I’ve never met before. Some are people I’ve re-connected with after years of separation. It’s social networking at its finest, and its most bizarre. For instance...

I looked out the window and saw a baby bird in the tree.

I prefer bats over birds.

A couple of times a day I check out the site to see what’s happening with everyone. I enjoy reading some of the postings, but certainly not all. There are some people who post constantly with the most boring postings. Do we really want to know their every move?

I washed strawberries and ate one. Delicious!

I think the strawberry is giving me gas.

I should have bought peaches instead.

Do people who write these inane entries think that everyone of their facebook friends wants to know such details of their daily lives?

I’m meeting Stacie for dinner. Gonna go take a shower.

Have to TiVo “Two and a Half Men” so I won’t miss it. Stacie is waiting.

I have one particular facebook friend who cannot resist posting dozens of updates a day. In person she’s really nice, but on facebook it’s like she’s addicted to posting. She’s a facebook fanatic.

I had the spinach salad with the dressing on the side. Then I had salmon with steamed vegetables. For dessert it was cheesecake.

I’m feeling bloated. That damn cheesecake!

So why do I read her entries? When I open my facebook page they’re there reaching out to me, blinding me until I breakdown and read them. I’ve thought about deleting her from my friends list, but then I wonder if I would miss her hourly updates. Am I secretly a facebook fanatic?

Just watched “Two and a Half Men.” Laughed my ass off.

Time to go to bed. I’m exhausted.

I sleep naked.

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