Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Dude has Arrived

Every once in a while something or someone comes along that generates a whirlwind of excitement, almost hysteria.

In the 70s there was the Pet Rock, Fleetwood Mac, and sand art.

There was also the Rubik’s Cube, disco, and avocado green kitchen appliances.

Then there was Madonna, shoulder pads, and synthesizers.

And we cannot forget Patchouli oil, grunge, Morrissey, the catch phrases from “Seinfeld,” and the iPhone.

Over the past year it was Barack Obama, Tina Fey brilliantly playing stupid, silly Sarah Palin on "Saturday Night Live," and Aretha Franklin’s inaugural chapeau.

And now it's Gustavo Dudamel, the new Conductor and Music Director for the Los Angeles Philharmonic. There are billboards all over the city welcoming the maestro to the City of Angels. His absolute charisma and musical brilliance is giving classical music a much needed facelift.

PBS is currently showing his October 8th inaugural concert at Disney Hall featuring the world premiere of John Adams’ “City Noir” and Mahler’s “Symphony No. 1.” Check your local listings and be sure to watch it, and you’ll understand why everyone’s saying “The Dude has Arrived.”

Welcome to Los Angeles, Maestro.

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