Thursday, November 19, 2009

Must Be Santa

It’s that time of the year when everyone blows the dust of their Christmas CDs and plays those holiday ditties ad nauseam. How many lame versions of “White Christmas” do we have to endure before someone (me) screams, “I don’t want a white Christmas! I want it green. I want it hot. I wanna be sitting by the chlorinated pool in my holiday speedo sipping a pomegranate martini. I hate the cold and snow!”?

Maybe I’m the minority here, but the fantasy of a white Christmas is not the reality of a white Christmas. Believe me I’ve survived many a white Christmases with shoveling snow, shivering temperatures, chapped lips, and chattering teeth. It’s not pretty.

With the holidays quickly approaching I brace myself for the onslaught of media madness and merry and maudlin music, and to my pleasant surprise I’ve come across a new Christmas song; one that didn’t make me block my ears with a bah humbug groan. I actually loved it and laughed and felt a pang of holiday spirit coursing through my warm weather veins.

It’s Bob Dylan’s soon-to-be-classic “Must Be Santa” and it’s gonna be my favorite Christmas song this year. Here’s the video in all its Santa glory... betcha you’ll be singing and dancing along...

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Owen said...

Ooooo I *like* that! But can't download it until 1 December - that's when the Christmas CDs start in this house!