Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

Last night I was channel surfing and stumbled across Larry King interviewing Carrie Prejean, the hateful “I’m a Christian with Christian values” ex-Miss America with silicone breasts who has suddenly surfaced with magical masturbation fingers in her own “I Touched Myself and it Tickled” video.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

I only caught a few moments of the interview (I was afraid listening to her for too long might induce severe vomiting) and was shocked into hysterical laughing when the idiot said her hero was Sarah Palin. There is something so wrong yet so appropriate with Prejean saying that. Are we really surprised? One narrow-minded hater idolizing another narrow-minded hater.

Then I got to thinking... when Prejean lifted her skirt to amuse herself in her “I Touched Myself and it Tickled” video was she not thinking about the boy taking the video, but rather thinking about ex-beauty bitch Palin? I mean, hey, wouldn’t Prejean have been a huge fan of pageants and seen silly Sarah Palin with her teased mane hoofing it across a beauty pageant stage? A little lesbian fantasy for the Prejean? Now wouldn’t that be a tit twister of all tit twisters!

To celebrate Prejean’s success as a porn star I give you the Divinyls singing “I Touch Myself.” This would be a great song for Prejean to sing when she’s performing at her next Christian values rally.

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