Sunday, January 17, 2010

It’s Her Time of the Season

Mother Nature is having her period and I have to suffer.

Last week she was extremely happy with warm temperatures (high 70s), sunlight, and barely a breeze to blow my feathered hair.

This morning I woke up and could feel a restlessness when I looked outside. I sensed a mood swing coming. Oh no, it's that time of the season...

And sure enough Mother Nature sent in clouds and by mid-day she turned the temperature low; too low for my comfort level. By day’s end her bitchiness reared its ugly side with full clouds and rain.

And it looks like it’s going to last all week. Low temperatures (in the very low 60s) and inches of rain to dampen the mood and remind us that she is woman hear her roar.

There’ll be no bike riding this week.

There’ll be no shorts and t-shirt.

There’ll be no sunglasses.

There’ll be no nude hiking.

There will be umbrellas and scarves and rain coats and galoshes and rain hats and slippery roads and steamy windshields and angry drivers and flat hair and flooded gutters and the ping, ping, ping of raindrops against the window panes driving me fucking insane.

Damn that woman. Isn’t there a pill we can give her to alleviate these mood swings?

1 comment:

Owen said...

Ha! Welcome to my world!

Have you got a ticket to see Buffy on 10 Feb at the Bootleg Theatre in LA?