Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just Wondering...

Okay, so I do this thing every time I read the newspaper. It’s kind of a weird thing, but something I want to share.

First thing in the morning after checking email I click over to my favorite Los Angeles news site and I read the breaking news, the entertainment news, the food section, the daily blogs, some op-eds, and then I mosey over to the obituaries.

Now there’s nothing wrong with reading the daily obits. It might sound morbid but it’s sometimes the only way to find out when someone you know has bit the big one, kissed the sky, overdosed, met the almighty maker, or whatever else you want to call taking a final breath and becoming cold stone dead.


Do you ever scan the daily obits in hopes of seeing the name of someone who’s done you wrong, really wrong? And then being disappointed day in and day out when they don’t appear?

Please don’t think that I have this long list of people I yearn to see in the obits because I don’t. I’m not obsessed with seeing certain people dead, but there is one particular person who comes to mind every day. It just happened one morning, and since then it happens quite frequently. Even when I try not to look for their name I do.

I won’t name the name, and if you think it’s you you’re probably wrong, but then again... if you think it’s you then that means you’ve done me wrong and maybe I don’t even know it yet.

Anyway, I was just wondering...

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