Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh Cinnamon

Oh cinnamon oh cinnamon how I love thee.

On toast. On yogurt. In cookies. In coffee. With chocolate. With nuts. In ice cream. In tuna. I’ve even made cinnamon chicken (delicious!).

As far back as I can remember I’ve loved cinnamon and through the years, the highs and lows, cinnamon has always been there to keep me happy.

My love of Marcia Brady came and went but cinnamon remained.

My love of bell bottoms came and went but cinnamon remained.

My love of disco came and went and came and went again but cinnamon remained.

My love of afro perms in the mid 80s was just a sad, sad phase, but cinnamon stood by me proud to spice up my taste buds.

When spiced candles were all the rage I never strayed from the cinnamon scent.

Through the LA riots it was cinnamon raison cookies that kept me safe.

Whenever I have a nightmare a little cinnamon ice cream soothes the fear and lets me sleep like a lamb.

Cinnamon is my friend.

I even painted the walls in my humble abode a nice shade of cinnamon. Some friends have argued the color is rust or terra cotta, but the truth is it’s cinnamon, and those friends have never been invited back.

Just the other day someone sent me a link to a site that proclaimed the curative power of my beloved cinnamon when it’s combined with honey. I say yeah, yeah, yeah... together cinnamon and honey help us stand strong against heart disease, arthritis, hair loss, bladder infections, toothaches, colds, infertility, upset stomachs, gas, skin infections, fatigue, and bad breath.

Hmmm... maybe that’s why my heart beats strongly, my joints dance with great rhythm, my hair glows a shiny and healthy medium brown, I pee regularly, my teeth and gums can chew taffy with ease, I rarely sniffle, I’m hornier than hell, my stomach loves when I eat spicy foods, my farts are silent, my skin is supple and smooth, I only need six hours of sleep, and when I open my mouth it smells like a stick of cinnamon.

Oh yes, that’s what cinnamon has done for me.

So don’t just lay there on the couch feeling plump, tired, and gassy, jump on the cinnamon train and you too can be just like me.

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Owen said...

You *loved* bell-bottoms?