Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where's Tonya?

This morning I was minding my own business walking down the street when a sign posted on a telephone pole caught my attention. I stopped and read it, and read it again.
If you cannot read the writing it says:

[Picture taken 2 years ago] Last seen September
3rd. Frequents discount sushi bars and video game
arcades. If you see her, tell her Maria is sorry about the
ice cream and to come home.

I immediately set out to find Tonya. I could feel the pain that must be piercing Maria’s heart knowing her imaginary friend was lost somewhere in the neighborhood.

I roamed the streets silently screaming “Tonya, Tonya, Tonya!”

She didn’t pop out of the bushes. She didn’t come running across the street when the walk sign blinked “walk.” She didn’t step off the bus after an excursion to the arcade and discount sushi bar. No. Tanya was nowhere to be found.

Was she dragged away by a rabid coyote? Was she abducted by aliens?

Tired and despondent I wandered home. There were tears in my eyes and an ache in my heart.

I stumbled up the stairs to my second floor apartment and when I opened the door there was Tonya with my imaginary friend Barry enjoying chocolate chip pecan ice cream and giggling happily. What joy! What bliss!

It was clear to see that Barry was totally enamored - dare I say in love - with the beautiful Tonya. I knew instantly that Maria didn’t deserve an imaginary friend as special as Tonya.

Tonya danced for us and showed us how she’s double jointed, and when she sang she sang eloquently in tongue.

Her voice is melodic. Her bending mesmerizing.

We’re a happy family now.

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Garry Sylvester said...

Maria is inconsolable, not just that her friend has abandoned her, but that you have seen her pain as a source of pride.
I have tried introducing Maria to many of my imaginary friends and even some mythical pets, to no avail.
Next week I'll be taking her on a virtual holiday, to try to cheer her up.
ps. Tonya did say she wanted pistachio ice cream. I heard her.