Friday, May 07, 2010

Bathroom Girls

Last week I went to the premiere screening of a small independent film. There was the requisite red carpet, though tiny and a bit worn, and a few paparazzi types snapping photos in hopes that some day - sooner rather than later - there’d be a scandal involving one of the unknown cast members (involving sex, drugs, and a government official) so the pics would be People or US Weekly or National Enquirer worthy.

Once in my seat I began wondering if the film would totally suck, be semi-sucky, or completely surprise me and not be sucky at all. To help pass the time I people watched giggling at the wannabes who were pretending to be enraptured with the people they were speaking to all the while looking over their shoulders in hopes that someone better would come along.

Fake smiles. Air kisses. Designer knockoffs.

Suddenly two women plopped down beside me. Their high energy was contagious. They were giddy, happy, and friendly. As it turns out they had parts in the film - their first motion picture - as Bathroom Girl #2 and Bathroom Girl #3. I asked about Bathroom Girl #1 and they didn’t remember there being a Bathroom Girl #1. Hmmm, maybe the actress they hired as Bathroom Girl #1 was shitty and they had to flush her I thought.

The movie started and whenever there was a bathroom scene both girls would breath heavily, anticipating... and then the scene would pass and they were nowhere to be seen.

When the film ended (thankfully) I could hear the disappointment in their breathing. Even though I thought the film was pretty sucky I did have a pang of sympathy for the Bathroom Girls.

At the after party they excitedly told me the director assured them their scene was going to be part of the DVD extras.

Oh the joys of pursuing an acting career.

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