Monday, May 17, 2010

I Dreamed a Hat

I’ve always loved hats. I think they give style and attitude. And for the past year whenever I’ve been in a store that sells hats I’ve tried them on searching for the perfect hat for my particular head.

I’ve tried on fedoras, berets, baseball caps, dunce hats, knitted hats, and anything resembling a hat.

I quickly learned it’s not easy finding the perfect hat.

Well that has all changed.

Last week I was having a recurring hat dream, and in that dream I was wearing a straw hat with a black felt rim. It was a hat that made me feel special. It was the perfect hat for my not-so-perfect head. Wherever I went in that hat in that dream people said, “Hey Michael, that’s a cool hat!”

This past Sunday after going for brunch a friend and I decided to hike the arroyo in Pasadena. As we hiked along there in the middle of the path was a hat on the ground. At first I thought I was hallucinating, a combination of too much coffee and french toast, but after blinking numerous times I realized my sanity was still in tact and there before was a hat, a straw hat with a black felt rim. It was the hat from my dream.

What joy. What bliss.

I slowly picked it up and caressed it carefully. There was no sign of wear, and no signs of bug infestation. It looked brand spanking new. I didn’t know what to do... put it on? I let my instincts take over and onto my head it went. I felt style. I felt attitude. I kept it on.

As I continued on my hike a little boy on his father’s shoulders hiked passed me. He looked at me and said, “That’s a cool hat.”

The prophecy has been fulfilled.

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Owen said...

Weirdness and wonder surrounds you!