Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something Missing on the Metro

Sunday I took the Los Angeles Metro Train to Little Tokyo in pursuit of tea and food. Actually I didn’t have tea at all, but the friend I travelled the train with did (white tea to be exact ).

I’m a total coffee man. I don’t love tea. I rarely drink it, and when I do it’s usually fresh rosemary tea I brew to help fight poor circulation, fever, flatulence, memory, and menstrual cramps.

But I digress...

The Los Angeles Metro experience is a truly lovely time. The trains are pretty and clean. They arrive on schedule. They’re not overly crowded. The ride is smooth. But there was something missing...

Rats. Where were the rats?

I leaned over the tracks searching desperately for vermin. Nothing. I’m a rat voyeur and was totally disappointed there were no rats to come out and put on a show. I did my near-perfect rat call (not one rat answered!), and then resorted to visualizing a family of rats nestled in the walls of the platform making there way onto the tracks. Still nothing.

When I lived in Boston I used to love watching all the rats scurrying around the subway tracks looking for food or a quick rat lay, and then scattering when the trains pulled up to the platform. I used to howl when people would freak out (scream) as if the rats were gonna leap from the tracks and bite them in the neck.

And let’s not forget New York subway rats. Hell, those suckers are big ones. I remember one time being in a Times Square subway and watching a rat as big as a cat race across the platform a few feet from where I was standing. It was something to behold; a memory I’ll always treasure.

Maybe next Metro trip.

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Owen said...

We don't rats on the Tube in London - or at least I haven't seen any - but we do have little brown mice...