Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sucker Punched In The...

Just when I thought it was safe to not wear a jockstrap I read there’s a new trend called “Sack Tapping.”

A teen in Crosby, MN was “sack tapped” recently and ended up having to have one of his testicles amputated. His right one. His poor left one is now lonely for its mate.

So what is “Sack Tapping”? It’s punching someone in the groin, and it seems to be a growing trend amongst teens.

Dr. Scott Wheeler, a Minnesota Urologist, says he performs three to four testicle removals a year as a direct result of someone being sucker punched in the pouch.

The sack tappee gets sudden pain, and possible loss of a prized ball. What does the sack tapper get? A thrill? An imprint of a scrotum on their fist?

And who’s doing the tapping? Cheerleaders? Jocks? Sarah Palin?

All I know is that there’ll be no more free-ballin’ for me. I just went out and purchased a steel enforced jockstrap. It might be a tad uncomfortable, but its protecting my jewels from a painful punch in the pouch.

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