Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Funny Little Man

Watching TV is not one of my favorite pastimes. There are periods where my TV isn’t turned on for days at a time. It’s not that I don’t like TV. I think it’s a terrific form of entertainment, and there are shows - once I stumble upon them or are forced to watch them - that I end up really enjoying.

It’s just getting me to watch a show for the first time that’s difficult. I had never seen an episode of “Sex and the City” until it was in re-runs playing late night. I would never have been gleeked with “Glee” if it weren’t for a friend inviting me over for dinner and having the show on.

Those times I’ve been near death with the flu or a cold or a mental breakdown I’ve curled on the couch like a beached whale and in my near delirium watched TV. Did you know that “Law and Order: SVU” is on hours every day? You can pass out from a high fever at 10:00 AM and wake up at 4:00 PM and that show is still on.

After hearing raves from numerous people about “Modern Family” I decided it needed to be investigated.

From the first time I watched it I was totally hooked. I think it’s the best sitcom on TV. Why? It’s not just the topnotch writing, the incredible characters (and the actors and actresses who portray them), or the very funny story lines. It’s because of one actor in particular: Rico Rodriguez who plays little Manny Delgado.

Rodriguez is absolutely hysterical. In the show he’s something like 10 going on 30, precocious, and absolutely fearless in his thoughts. He’s the type of kid I wish I were growing up.

The show was recently nominated for a ton of Emmy Awards, but sadly Rico, aka Manny, was overlooked. Shame on the Academy! He deserved to be nominated. He’s a funny, funny, funny little man.

Maybe I should take the initiative and watch more TV, and not just after hearing about shows from friends or when I’m on death’s door.

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Matt said...

Love this show. I stumbled upon it by accident, when I was waiting to watch Cougar Town after two co-workers had raved about it last September. I was also hooked immediately. (Incidentally, I hardly watch Cougar Town, and both of my co-workers are now hooked on Modern Family.)