Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paris Needs a Timeout

Oh Paris... Oh Paris...

And I’m not talking about the City of Light. I’m talking about the selfish, self-centered, not-that-pretty, wispy voiced, celebutard who thinks she shits gold pellets and pees crystal clean urine.

Let’s get the facts straight: It WAS her purse. It WAS her cocaine.

She needs a timeout. Prison. And most importantly she needs the world to stop feeding her overblown ego. Has she ever contributed anything worthwhile to society?

The dumb ass bitch craves media, along with cocaine and marihuana.

Obviously her last stint in the pokey wasn’t long enough and it didn’t teach her any kind of human lesson.

I do remember her media tour immediately following her incarceration where she cried and vowed to be a better person. If I also remember correctly she found Jesus while sitting on her cot in her non-designer prison garb while being forced to go without her fake fingernails, without makeup, without hair extensions, and without her twitter account. Well blah, blah, blah... it was all a crock of crap. The next time Jesus visits her he should slap her silly.

It’s time for Paris to learn once and for all that she is not above everybody else, and she needs to pay the price for her illegal activities. If a “commoner” gets caught with cocaine in her purse she’s convicted and incarcerated before she could utter in a fake irritating voice “ it wasn’t my purse.”

Paris... you need prison. And the prison matron needs a new kitty cat. And that kitty cat is you. Meow.

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