Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Gift for Baby Jesus

Jesus was born on December 25th 2,010 years ago.

If I were alive back then what kind of baby gift would I bring the little tyke?

There weren’t any malls so a gift certificate to Baby Gap would be out of the question. Mary and Joseph would have no place to redeem it.

Then I was thinking a baby mobile decorated with clay figures of farm animals to hang above the Jesus crib. Goats and sheep and cows and mice and little rats. It sounds like a great idea but something tells me there was no roof to the manger, and if there was a roof it was probably made of thatch and how would Joseph ever hang it? I fear it would end up in the sack that’s tossed over the mule when traveling, or worse, gnawed on by the goats and sheep and cows and mice and rats.

Next on the list was a big ‘ole stuffed Teddy or Panda Bear, but once again, not available 2,010 years ago.

What about a book? “Winnie the Pooh”? “Everybody Poops”? “I Have Two Daddies”? Damn, they pre-date little Jesus.

Because our savior-to-be was wrapped in a swaddling cloth I was thinking a baby blanket, but I’m certain everyone would be bringing blankets. Sheep skin. Pig skin. Woolen. Calf skin. The woman-folk of Bethlehem were probably staying up late skinning and sewing for that perfect blanket secretly hoping their blanket would be Jesus’ favorite. I can’t compete with expert skinners and seamstresses so I’m not even going to try.

Then it came to me in a vision... a beautiful vision of white puffy clouds, angels with golden wings, and symphonic music...

If I were alive 2,010 years ago I would go to the nearest bazaar and trade my sandals for an abacus (aka a counting frame). It’s educational and by the time Jesus grew up there wouldn’t be any technological advances which means it wouldn’t be outdated for centuries to come.

An abacus for Jesus. The perfect gift.

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