Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bus Stop Banter

Today I wasn’t in the mood to ride my bike to the gym (too chilly), nor was I in the mood to drive my car to the gym. I wanted an adventure so I decided to take the Hollywood Dash Bus to the gym and enjoy a journey through the side streets of Hollywood. It had been a long while since I took the Dash Bus and an even longer while since I ventured some of streets of the bus route.

Dressed in my best gym attire with baseball cap strategically placed to smooth my pillow hair I threw my gym bag over my shoulder and headed to the bus stop.

So far so good...

As the bus was approaching I reached into my pocket for the exact change. I asked the only other person waiting for the bus if the fare was still twenty-five cents. The frumpy middle-aged woman said it was thirty-five cents. Oh, I innocently said, it went up.

With that she stared me down and in a surly voice she growled, “Well do the math, it didn’t go down.”

Oh no she didn’t... oh yes she did.

At that moment the bus stopped in front of us and the doors flung open. My impulse was to trip that flat footed platypus of a woman and knock her to the ground and slap the shit out of her, but in a split second of clarity and restraint (and fear of prison) I didn’t.

Instead I put on my most cheery fake Hollywood voice and wished her a beautiful day.



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