Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Bowl of Pork Chops

For the past ten weeks I was swimming in the deep end of the film production pool. It was long, long hours, high calorie fast food, too cold air conditioning, and bad coffee, but for some reason I enjoyed every minute of it. I relished it.

There were days I worked so many hours I was too tired to shift gears in my car and ended up driving all the way home in first gear.

One late, late night (okay, early morning) I took the wrong turn home and ended up in a neighborhood that wasn’t mine, and couldn’t figure out how I got there.

And yet another late, late late night (okay, early morning again) I was so busy answering emails at a stop light (on my iPhone of course) I forgot to move when the light turned green. I didn’t realize it until the car behind me started honking. By then the light had turned red. When the light turned green again the car zoomed passed me honking and cursing and waving its fist. I was too tired to properly respond. All I could do was muster a weak “fuck you” finger. My poor middle finger was too damn tired to flip him off fully erect.

Yawn, yawn, yawn... Sleep deprivation... it doesn’t do the body or mind any good.

During my time of tiredness and stress a friend sent me a postcard that said “Life is just a bowl of pork chops.” It made me laugh because it’s so true...

When it’s bad it can kill you, but when it’s good it’s a party in your mouth. Oh yes.

After a few days of rest and relaxation I’m happy to report I’m ready and roaring to go... and craving pork.

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