Monday, January 30, 2012

My Weekend Torment

This weekend I experienced something I don’t want to ever experience again.

It was more painful than that bout of food poisoning I had when I ate bad crawfish.

It was more frightening than the time I got mugged a block south of Sunset Boulevard on Halloween weekend when I was heading to 7 Eleven to buy ice cream.

It was a major disruption in the world of Michael.

I was computer-less from Friday morning until late Sunday afternoon.

My hard drive needed to be replaced. It happened suddenly and I didn’t have time to prepare, to plan activities to keep my mind off of being unconnected. Sure I had my cell phone and could text and email, but it wasn’t the same without my MacBook. I needed that 13-inch screen glowing at me with gigabytes of information.

My fingers don’t feel that same tender caress they feel on my MacBook keyboard when I’m pecking away on my iPhone keyboard. Its just not the same. Never will be.

What the hell did we ever do before computers? I felt cut off from the world. I felt alienated, alone, and naked. It wasn’t fun.

Every morning when I get up I make the coffee and then sit at my computer to check email, read the news, do an online crossword puzzle, check my daily calendar, enjoy some Facebook social intercourse, and read celebrity news.

My Saturday and Sunday morning routine was disrupted. I tried reading an actual magazine but I read my magazines late at night before going to sleep so the rhythm of the day was out of whack and it wasn’t even mid-morning.

Sitting there at my empty desk I realized that maybe - just maybe - I’ve become somewhat Internet addicted.

Do they have twelve step programs for this? Instead of going to a meeting where you’re forced to reveal who you are does everyone log on to their computers for a computer generated meeting? Should I be concerned?

Egad.... I need to find some non-computer hobbies.

Tennis anyone?

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AudraM said...

You are hilarious Michael. Hopefully the weather was warm enough and you took your neglected bike out for a ride.