Thursday, January 26, 2012

Todd’s Tale of Woe

Todd Remis has filed a lawsuit against a photography studio to recreate part of his wedding (from 2003) so that he can have those cherished moments he claims the photography studio neglected to document.

The only thing is he’s now divorced. He believes his ex-wife has moved to Latvia.

Something sounds fishy...

The marriage went bust yet he still wants the wedding recreated exactly as it was the day he promised ‘til death do us part. “I need to have the wedding recreated exactly as it was so that the remaining 15 percent of the wedding that was not shot can be shot" and the album and video completed "so we have memories of the wedding," Todd said during his July deposition, according to a transcript. "So we would need to recreate everything to complete that."

Do you think Todd has issues? No wonder his wife left him, and the country.

I think Todd’s a bitter groomzilla who’s trying recoup his life savings he wasted on what I assume was a mail order bride and the subsequent lavish wedding. He’s learning the hard way you can’t buy true love.

Maybe Todd was a real virgin his wedding day and the memory of the wedding and the wedding night sex is so clouded with “I finally got laid!” that he can’t see straight and remember it for what it really was: the beginning of the end with bad sex.

I imagine him lying alone in his twin bed in his small studio apartment nightly recreating the wedding night sex with his right hand. He seems like an uptight one position man.

Hey Todd, the wedding recreation is not gonna happen. Let it go. Get yourself some therapy (or a hooker). You need it.

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